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Although it was founded in 2003, Graycliff Enterprises is built on experience and expertise that extends back to the infancy of our industry. Company President Raymond Galtelli began working in the cable business in 1963, selling subscriber services door-to-door while attending college in Florence, Alabama. In 1965 he took his first full-time job with American Cable Television Company, headquartered in Phoenix Arizona. From there, he quickly progressed to a new position with Jefferson-Carolina Corporation of Greensboro, North Carolina in 1968.

In its early years, the market for cable TV was mostly found in remote, rural areas that lay beyond the reach of broadcast signals. Jefferson-Carolina pioneered two important industry innovations. The first was ownership by established investors such as Jefferson-Pilot Insurance Company and Carolina Telephone Company. The second brought cable TV to a much wider audience, providing cities that had their own broadcast television stations, such as Savannah, Georgia and Charlotte, Raleigh and Greensboro, North Carolina, with cable services.  As part of this pioneering effort, Raymond was instrumental in all phases of operation, from franchise acquisition to assuring maximum cash flow for the company’s local systems. 

His success in achieving Jefferson Carolina’s objectives led to Raymond being named Director of Operations for the company’s 15-system MSO in 1972.  At this time, larger MSOs were in the process of buying up smaller operators and Jefferson Carolina was a prime target for acquisition. Noting that city and county franchising authorities were favoring local investors over larger MSO’s, Raymond saw an excellent entrepreneurial opportunity and resigned from Jefferson Carolina to found CATV Subscriber Services, Inc (CSS). Offering a turnkey marketing and installation service, CSS provided independent operators with proven marketing skills that empowered them to generate substantially higher rates of subscriber growth than they could produce on their own. 

As the industry matured, ownership consolidated through acquisitions and mergers. Many systems developed strong in-house marketing abilities. Concurrent with this change, the 1984 Cable Act established a more favorable regulatory framework, which stimulated unprecedented investment in cable plant and programming, as well as creating rapid growth in cable services.  From 1984 through 1992, the industry spent more than $15 billion wiring American homes and billions more on program development.  This was the largest private construction project since World War II.

Expanding as the industry evolved, CSS promoted Fred Robertson through the ranks, from direct sales representative to Vice President of Operations. Through Fred’s leadership, realigned its service offerings with its clients needs. By adding aerial and underground construction, engineering, mapping and audits to its marketing and customer installation services, CSS developed into a full service contracting company. By the mid 1980s, nearly 100% of its revenue was derived from various building projects in the cable telecommunication and telephone industries.

From 1996 through 2002, cable operating companies implemented a major upgrade of their distribution systems, investing $65 billion to build higher capacity fiber optic and coaxial cable hybrid networks. These broadband networks enabled the delivery of multi-channel video, two-way voice, high-speed Internet, and high definition and advanced digital video services to the home. Seizing the opportunity provided by the construction boom, investors began to acquire companies such as CSS. In 1998, Raymond sold his company and entered into a three-year employment agreement with its new owners, ending an entrepreneurial venture that had seen his small start-up grow to an enterprise that employed more than 300 people.

After fulfilling his employment contract and non-compete agreement with the new owners of CSS, Raymond founded Graycliff Enterprises in 2003. To create a company that combines the expertise required to serve all sectors of the converging cable, telecommunications and utility industries, he and Vice President Fred Robertson recruited the highest-performing managers from his previous company, as well as high management performers from other key industry segments. With this powerful team in place, Graycliff is poised to quickly become the premier outsourcing and contracting company for all providers of telecommunications, cable and utility services.

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